We areImpossibleBureau


We are an independent digital agency, working with clients and partners to deliver unique screen-based experiences.

Founded in 2012, we have transformed from a two-person studio in New York City to a globally distributed team with hubs on opposite sides of the world. We specialize in creating data visualizations, Augmented Reality (AR), and browser-based 3D experiences for brands and cultural institutions, but have broad creative and technical capabilities across web, mobile, and emerging technologies.

Our Clients and Partners

Academy Museum of Motion Pictures, Spotify, Foursquare, Bentley, Google, Microsoft, Ubisoft, HP, Edelman, Fantasy, Wonderful, Hello Design


Jeff Yamada Creative Technology
Jeff YamadaCreative Technology
Julia Prior Experience
Julia PriorExperience
Lauren Girard Client Services
Lauren GirardClient Services
Kit Masaracchia Development
Kit MasaracchiaDevelopment

Our Philosophy

Impossible Bureau was born a decade ago when our founders took on an "impossible" creative concept with an "impossible" deadline that no other agency would touch. And they delivered. This boldness lives on in our team DNA today - we thrive on working with our partners to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

Life is completely crammed with interactions between man and his environment. As creators, we take pride in providing the products and experiences people need to inhabit this world a little more comfortably. We observe and question, tinker and noodle, study and discover. We’re not afraid to explore, even if that means venturing into the dark. And if we reach the point where no answer can be found, we cut our own path and invent entirely new solutions.

The last few years has rapidly changed how we live and work, and brought forth a whole new set of challenges for ourselves, our clients and the community. There are no shortage of problems for us to solve and we continue to aspire to the mission and passion we set out with when we were founded: to build expertly well-crafted ideas in order to empower people and truly impact the world around us for the better.